Tony Savoie

Tony Savoie, an Orlando, Florida artist, works in mixed media, creating visually striking and complex shadowboxes. “In Thoughts, Words and Deeds” is an artistic expression of his own personal struggle with our world’s political landscape, the abuse of power and an oft-innate lack of humanity. For Tony Savoie, his struggle is manifested in this series of new works, inspiring the viewer to evaluate their own tendencies to “follow the leader.” Savoie’s obedient subjects are central to each work — dogs, boy scouts, musclemen and weaponry — surrounded by text and imagery relating to their environments. Through the juxtaposition of text and imagery, Savoie criticizes the pack mentality and questions the morality of acting solely on orders rather than self-evaluation. Addressing the gap between the potential for human decency and an often brutally cruel reality, he manages to balance his frustration and disgust with humor and possibility.

Past Work