Eve Stockton

Eve Stockton produces woodcuts that are inspired by close observation of nature and an eclectic interest in science. Utilizing a multifaceted background in architecture and art, Eve Stockton is able to engage the variables of printmaking, allowing her to produce an ongoing body of dynamic, graphic images. The Ensembles: Landscapes in Transition III exhibit contains prints that are exemplary of Stockton’s ongoing investigation of the natural world.

Stockton’s varying levels of abstraction simultaneously evoke landscapes and cellular activity, influenced by the natural world observed and the primordial world imagined. Her imagery often starts off connected to a specific place. For example, she is an avid hiker with a particular fondness for the woods and coastal areas of Nova Scotia, which manifest as trees, flowers and cloudscapes in her prints. Her large woodcuts are printed from three-foot square woodblocks that she hand carves, a different block for each color layer. The scale of these works is mesmerizing, a true testament to her mastery of this art form. Her prints are made with the assistance of master printer, Chris Shore, at The Center for Contemporary Printmaking, Norwalk, CT.

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