Rebecca Coles

As a paper artist Rebecca’s work currently focuses on the reinvention of entomological cataloguing, display and the assemblage of shapes. She’s fascinated with the process by which three-dimensional decorative forms materialise out of flat sheets of paper. By deconstructing various paper ephemera she create unique works of art. The delineation of these forms within the ethos and methods of her work requires an absolute labour of love, where repetition has always been notable and each piece is composed of hundreds if not thousands of profiles. Each shape is hand drawn and then intricately hand cut from carefully selected paper, focusing on recycling a medium that would otherwise be discarded and lost. She dissects small details of colour, imagery and text into silhouettes that are then re-sculptured, pinned and encased. Rebecca’s aim is to transform an every day object into a piece of work that invites the viewer to see beyond its original source.

Recent Work