Gian Garofalo

Gian Garofalo is a visual artist who explores color and technique through the application of resin and pigments. Inspired by several contemporary artists, including Gene Davis of the Washington Color School, Garofalo meticulously applies resin to panel, creating stripes that slowly gravitate to the base, ultimately punctuating the work with intriguingly suspended paint droplets.

Garofalo, who currently resides in Charlotte, North Carolina, has exhibited widely in the United States. Most recently, examples of his work were included at Scope New York, SOFA Expo Chicago, and Houston Fine Art Fair. Garofalo is represented in public and private collections. These works often consist of a wide range of colors where each individual stripe is an equally important and unique contribution to the piece as a whole. I hope that my work can evoke emotion and bring out curiosity in the viewer This current series of work is inspired by the works of Ian Davenport, Gene Davis and Markus Linnenbrink.”

Recent Work