Frank Campion

Frank Campion wanted to become an artist right out of college. After spending some time as a full-time artist, then pursuing other creative positions, he has now returned to art and has been creating since 2013. The emotive power of color is of critical importance to him. He explains that it “authors the central drama of each painting. Dramatic contrasts, harmonious passages, subtle relationships… Color triggers the emotions, stirs the memory and inspires the imagination.” Though his work is abstract, his work is essentially derived from the tradition of landscape painting, as he explores atmosphere and space. He believes that “great paintings are felt through the eyes much as we encounter nature. They stand on their own two feet without apology, excuse or explanation. They declare their independence and offer something new – a fresh visual experience. Once language and literal association fall away, one is left with a visual impression that is intended to evoke very personal associations and powerful feelings.”

Recent Work