Robert Ochs
Robert Ochs, also known as "Rochs," began his art career as a painter, creating a unique style that utilizes strength of color and composition to depict elements of geometric shapes and weathered patinas.
The technical study of modern masters and time spent in his studio in a remote town all seemed to propel the work into its own realm. These years spent refining his skills as a painter led him to exhibits in the eastern and western regions of Europe and has recently branched into The United States and Australia.
The pieces play into a linear movement he refers to as "Geometric Modernism". Similar to the architectural movement of the 1950ʼs, this was a response to the linear nature of the architecture of that time. This phase of "Geometric Modernism" seeks to act as an artistic balance to the prevalent external forces. The work embraces a colorful movement with a soulful contemplative nature. These attributes are achieved without any sacrifice to visual intensity and progressive craftsmanship of his many layers of paint.
He currently resides in Berlin, Germany.

Recent Work